Janet Choe

After earning her B.A. in Visual Communication Design, Janet Choe began working as a graphic designer at a prominent design company. When she unexpectedly fell in love with the beauty of floral arrangements, she attended the Southern California Design Institute to become a florist and began working at a celebrated Beverly Hills Flower Event Productions. There she explored various styles of floral arrangement-- from the elegant and sophisticated style of Beverly Hills to the contemporary and sensuous style of Hollywood. In addition to her training in floral design, she gained experience in event design and space planning by collaborating on projects such as the Academy Awards, the Emmys, and the Grammys, in addition to numerous premiere parties. Relocating to Orange County in 2005, she opened Bloompia offering beautiful silk flower arrangements and fresh flower decoration for everyone. Although her prior experience was almost solely with fresh flowers, she became captivated by the enduring beauty of silk flowers. By using only the finest quality silk flowers, she is able to preserve the delicate beauty of fresh flowers while creating stunning arrangements that can enhance the surrounding environment for years to come.