For over 25 years, Bloompia has stood as the quintessence in taste, detail, design and brand messaging among its corporate clients. Designer Janet Choe has been the source for studios, hotels, restaurants and corporations for whom expression of taste and brand identity are vital details. Bloompia designs are anything but ordinary as each element is tailored to represent not only the brand but also the consumer behind the brand. Janet and her team create designs that speak to your clients, delivering beautiful arrangements for special events and weekly accounts.

Bloompia offers standing deliveries to be delivered to your place of business each week according to your specifications of size, color and style. Old arrangements are picked up and replaced with a fresh arrangement weekly.

We offer corporate accounts to make ordering quick and hassle free. Upon setting up a corporate account your company will be given an account number to use to place orders. These charges are then billed on a monthly basis.

Ranging from traditional elegance to modern arrangements, Bloompia window displays cater to your every need. Janet's intricately designed silk flower arrangements complete the room. With your business in mind, floral displays are arranged to add a unique accent to the room.

For more information on setting up an account please call (714) 508-9399 or email for more information.